“Receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls” – James 1:21

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Two Minute Gospel Recap


  • God, Creator of the universe, made the world in beauty and perfection.
  • God placed man in the garden to enjoy His creation and to have dominion over it.
  • Man’s purpose and design is to worship God and to enjoy perfect fellowship with Him.
  • Rather than enjoy this perfection and relationship with God,, man succumbed to temptation (from Satan) and rebelled against God.
  • Man, who was created in innocence, became a sinner and made himself God’s enemy.
  • Transgressing God’s clear commandment not only put Man in opposition to God, but also affected the entire human race thereafter.
  • We, mankind, are born sinners and are destined for eternal death. And God the perfect and just judge must judge sin.
  • God provided hope for the human race from the very beginning of humanity,
  • A special man was promised as a descendant of Adam and Eve who would overcome evil. – Genesis 3:15
  • Believers in God, for millennia, looked for this coming special descendant.
  • He was promised to be both a Servant and a Savior.
  • He was promised to serve as a sacrifice and to vanquish evil. (Isaiah 9 & 53)
  • This promise of a coming Messiah was fulfilled in the man Jesus
  • He was conceived by God’s Spirit and born of a virgin.
  • He is both God and man – descendent of Abraham and David, but free from the line of sin.
  • As God in the flesh, he could take man’s place in punishment as a sinless sacrifice.
  • He died to put sin to death with him on the cross, and rose from the dead to defeat death.
  • God did this for you.
  • As a descendant of Adam, you are cursed with sin.
  • You either can remain living in sin and apart from God or be rid of your sin by trusting in Christ.
  • This decision affects this life and the next.
  • Many try to get rid of sins through their own efforts. God says in His Word that this is not possible.
  • Rather than trying to do things to gain righteousness, accept what Jesus has already done for you.
  • His life and death on the cross are acceptable to God. When you trust in Jesus, His righteousness becomes your righteousness. His resurrection becomes your resurrection. You have eternal life as promised by God.
  • Trust the work of Jesus, receive this free gift from God, and become right with God.

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